women's march



It's one of our core beliefs that women's rights are human rights. That's why Refinery29 headed to D.C. to join the Women's March on Washington. There, we talked solidarity with people from all over the world to send a clear message: We will not be silenced. And when it comes to making a statement, we also believe in the power of art. So we teamed up with a group of artists and in-house creators to produce a beautiful set of posters that symbolize many of the issues that matter to us most. And making hem available for download — because we are stronger together, after all.

Besides all the beautiful artwork produced and the posters for the march. We created  a beautiful set of pins and postcards to write to our representatives. As well as a zine that was given out during the march in Washington DC with a manifesto of why we are marching, some of the artwork created and a final statement of voicing your opinion. The entire company was part of this in-house movement in some way or another, from ideation, to design, printing and reaching out to contributors.

Piera Gelardi & Meg Lazaros, Creative Direction; Natalia Grosner, Art Direction; Anna Sudit, Louisa Canell, Ariel Davis, Abbie Winters, Tristan Offit, Kate Titus and Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Design & illustration; Erin Yamagata, Photo. 


new york 2017


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