valentine cards



Two days before Valentine’s Day, Elliot and I decided we where going to create Valentine Cards for the entire company. While we send out an email to each member of the design team to contribute one design, we contacted HR for budget approval and met with our Creative Director to move forward. We ended up creating a cool set of 20, printing 300 copies of them, that where then sold to employees for $1, and donated all proceeds to Planned Parenthood. 

Elliot Salazar & Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Design & Illustration; Alex Citrin, Anna Sudit, Ivy Liu, Louisa Cannel, Mallory Heyer, Abbie Wintters, Elliot Salazar, Paola Delucca, Hejab Malik, Bella Di Marzio, Alex Marino, Tristan Offit, Seeta Khanai and Michelle Cortez Illustration; Rachel Cabbit, Photo. 


new york 2017


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