Podcast, Newsletter & swag design


UnStyled is a weekly podcast hosted by Refinery29’s Global Editor-In-Chief & Co-founder, Christene Barberich, exploring the funny, inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking tales of life, work, and love—as told through the things that we wear. Each week explores the perspective of a strong woman who knows that style doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, the messier the better, as long as you make it your own. Guests include Danielle Brooks, Jill Kargman, Norma Kamali, Leandra Medine, Stacy London, Piera Gelardi and more.

UnStyled has also evolved into a newsletter of a curated collection of stories that reframe what luxury actually means in our lives, not just our closets. Both platforms use real women’s voices and great visual storytelling to create a new lens to be inspired by style, and how it can enhance a woman’s life.

My role as a designer in this project was to develop a branding system that fell within the identity and color guidelines of Refinery29 but that was also traditionally elegant and playfully unexpected — reflecting the millennial woman's new attitude towards luxury. What started of with a unique logo and simple color palette, eventually developed into the design of a newsletter that worked seamlessly; as well as creating promotional assets for Instagram and swag for each of the podcasts guests.


Illustration - Phantom Lover.

Design - Isabel Castillo Guijarro

Photo - Michael Becker.


New York 2016