This is a series of illustrations done for Prada's accessories collection that, unfortunately, after several rounds of exploration an revisions, never made it into production. They where initially created to be transferred into badges and stickers for leather accessories, that would later be applied on top of bags. 

Prada asked for very specific things such as having a "girl with a rabit in her mouth" or "bitting a rose". Overall, they where inspired by John Wesley's artwork, technique and composition of the 70s.

With four different themes in mind — lips, feminine silhouette, legs and portraits of women — I was completely free to interpret them in my own illustration style and creative thinking. With a limited color palette, my ultimate goal was to illustrate each piece to it's purest simplicity and sensuality. 



art direction - Alexandra Grignon

illustration - Isabel Castillo Guijarro

project manager - Andrea Moretti



italy 2017