covergirl power faces

branding, video & web design.


Power Faces is a branded social-first custom beauty video series created in partnership with Covergirl. Social-first means that it is content created exclusively to be consumed on social channels: short, straight to the point and serviceable for the audience.

Featuring women using a first-person narrative, sharing her hero products, what she uses it for, and why she loves them. Power Faces celebrates beauty as a source of power, challenging the notion that women use makeup to hide versus enhance. Is about putting on makeup not because you want to feel pretty but because it makes you feel powerful. Inspiring women to feel, see and claim their power through elevated narrative storytelling that dives into the personal stories of women’s makeup looks.

My role as a designer involved creating a bold branding for Power Faces, building the stories on site and conceptualizing what the video looks like. Differentiating ourselves from all the other typical beauty video content, purposely avoiding a girl in front of a camera, putting on makeup. And having in mind that users move on to the next in less than a second.

In order to keep them engaged, the overall look is all about overlapping video on top of video, on top of more video. Opening with branding and close ups of the final look, as a sneak peek of what they are about to see. Then she explains why and how she uses makeup step by step with overlapping close ups of the actual application. And finishing up with an a still of the final look over video and a list of all the products used.

With the success of the first two videos - 500k organic views - the content of both has been repackaged and published as an article on


Glossy Award for Best Use of Video by a Beauty Brand 2018


Art direction & Design - Isabel Castillo Guijarro

Talent - Lydia Pang, Jarae Holieway & Miski.


Video Production - Annisa Richmond


New York 2017