Secrets To A More Creative Life

print magazine regional design annual award



This collage was created for Piera Gelardi, Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder of Refinery29 to illustrate his essay on 10 Secrets To Live a More Creative Life

This extremely inspiring essay is filled with some of the life lessons she has learned over the last 10 years of building her dream job.  The idea was to represent each of the ten different lessons in a very unique but cohesive way through photo collage, while still being playful and truthfully representing Piera's creative genius. The key visual element of this series is Piera's head open with paint splashes, photos, palm trees, confetti and all kinds of visual. Some of the elements include paint strokes and original photography from Refinery29. It worked because the reader can tell the words come from the heart and is relatable to everyone, not just creatives. 

Creative Direction, Piera Gelardi; Art Direction; Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Designer.


New York 2016