Product & Engineering



Ofter times, in house projects can be very interesting. In this case, what started as a small branding project for the Product & Engineering team consisting of one logo to use internally and swag, turned out to be a full blown identity system development over the course of three months. 

We started off by creating one logo that would combine the word Product and Engineering in one word with the intent of representing both teams with one symbol.  After the first round, none of the teams felt represented so we focused on the am-percent with the hope that it will become the unifying element between both.  At this point the differences between both teams grew even bigger. It wasn't just about a logo to represent the many tech areas of the company, it was about understanding the hierarchy and function of each small group. So we went nuts and started creating symbols, icons and whatnot for everyone.  

The process of elimination became very tricky but we where able to narrow it down to 5 icons representing Product and 4 for Engineering. Everyone seems happy now and are currently being used internally.

Peter Wang, Head of Product; Holly Stevenson, Creative Direction; Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Design.


new york 2014