This year Refinery29’s NewFronts celebrated badass, boundary-breaking, rule-defying women around the globe. Using the power of storytelling to uncover a new way of seeing, believing, and imagining. R29 embraces real issues that affect women globally with a brand of optimism that is responsive, real, and entertaining. From the women’s march to the red carpet,  content is used as a catalyst to ignite courageous conversations and create impact in the world.

Inspired by historical political movements posters, 90s zines and the party vibes from the location of the event - Terminal 5 - my role as a designer included not just developing the branding and designing the key elements of the event, but also to art directing and overseeing all the other elements that made it happen. From a series of 16 purely typographical posters that dictated everything and decorated the entry hallway at Terminal 5; to the flags hanging from the ceiling; the collateral needed before, during and after the event (invites, tshirts, drink menus, coasters, entry/exit signs, keynote, staff pass); to creating animation and transition guidelines for our video team; web design where all the content announced at the event currently lives; and the design of 500 really cool VR Google Cardboard Headset where our audience was able to access all video content in real time.

NewFronts is an annual event where digital media companies - including Refinery29, Vice and The New York Times among others - present new shows for the upcoming season to clients, partners and the press.

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Creative Direction - Piera Gelardi.

Art Direction & Design - Isabel Castillo Guijarro.

Photo - Nicole Maroon & Jacqueline Harriet




New York 2017