I've always been a huge fan of typography. My great-grandfather had a printer where later on, my grandfather worked as a typist and eventually moved into working for big newspapers in Spain designing their layouts (El Pais, Marca, ABC...). My uncle is also in the business. So I grew up surrounded by type but it wasn't until  I went to Central Saint Martins  that I realized to what extend I love type that much. We where asked to create a font inspired by the city. My concept was to literally take each letter from the streets of London without modifying anything, just following the lines on a map. I drew each letter by hand from a modern map of London and tried to keep it as real as possible.  I was awarded with Best Typographical Project that summer. 


London 2009

tumblr_nxfujc7ff21u7w3pco1_1280 copy.jpg