ILLUSTRATION. ads. stickers.


Feeld is a London based dating app for curious, open minded couples and singles. A place for like-minded humans, exploring their minds, curiosities and pleasures. Their mission is to show the world that there is more to love and pleasure than the norm.

Motivated by such a mission and with complete creative freedom, I was very happy to create a series of 10 illustrations to promote the app in print and social channels. Exploring them as stand alone visuals or with the inclusion of quotes from real users. Followed by a sticker keyboard, currently available on Feeld’s app and Telegram. Contrary to the illustrations, the stickers focus only on expressing as much as possible, using just mouth.

With a limited color palette and after many iterations, my goal as an illustrator was to draw a diverse group of individuals enjoying sex alone or with someone, without feeling too sexual. Making sure the end result is inclusive of gender, race, body type and sexual orientation. Gay or straight, I’ve got you. If you look closely, you’ll find three that play with gender neutrality as well. The biggest challenge was make sure the result was elevated and not to overly sexualized. In other words, is more about the art than the act.

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Identity - Two Times Elliott.

Illustration - Isabel Castillo Guijarro.


London 2016