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Three-part illustration series about the rise of erotic print magazines in recent years. Commissioned by Perrin Drumm for the inaugural issue of  AIGA Eye On Design Magazine, launched during AIGA Design Conference 2017 in Minneapolis. 

Each of the illustration represents different women in different stages of their lives in relation to sex. The first one is a woman in her 20s, browsing through erotic magazines for the first time. She is innocent and a bit naive. Discovering herself for the firs time; the second one is a woman in her 30s. Independent and powerful, that lives alone in Tokio and knows what she wants. Although we don't see her entirely, she is portrayed naked, in bed with tons of magazines around her; last one but not least is a woman in her late 40s / early 50s, recently divorced and walking into a sex shop for the first time ever. Ready to re-discover herself. 

My role as illustrator was to portray each of the women and their story as true to themselves as possible. I used a style that focuses on thin lines with contrasting fuller areas. Exclusively using pink and red in order to achieve and elevated version of traditional erotica.


Society of Illustrators Award Winner.


EyeOnDesign_20170830_Magazine-Erotica_Mock_01 copy.jpg
EyeOnDesign_20170830_Magazine-Erotica_Mock_02 copy.jpg
EyeOnDesign_20170830_Magazine-Erotica_Mock_04 copy.jpg
EyeOnDesign_20170830_Magazine-Erotica_Mock_08 copy.jpg
EyeOnDesign_20170830_Magazine-Erotica_Mock_06 copy.jpg
EyeOnDesign_20170830_Magazine-Erotica_Mock_05 copy.jpg

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commisioned by perrin drummm

illustration - Isabel Castillo Guijarro

magazine design - tala safie

article - madeleine morley


new york 2017