Command X is a live design competition that takes place during the AIGA Design Conference. I had the honor to compete head to head with 6 other designers. An all-star team of judges (Dana Arnett, Stanley Hainsworth, and Bonnie Siegler) and people vote one new design project each day, eliminating designers until the last one standing!

First assignment was creating a logo for Gamblers Anonymous.  The design is a combination of letter G, A and the triangle common on all 12 step programs. Resulting in a bold, memorable icon that is strong enough on its own. When it comes to GA, there are two kinds of people: the people that show off their sobriety snd the ones that would rather keep it to themselves. This logo works for both.

With such a minimal design, I went with gold for a color because is both old school and honorable. 

On the last slide, from left to right: a pin (everyone loves pins!); an app to find your next GA meeting; A Day At A Time 12 step book as centerpiece; the serenity prayer as a postcard to the right, with a cool pattern based on the logo; and probably the most important piece of this design, the medallions. The tangible reminder of your sobriety.


las vegas 2016