cOMMAND X: Zappos

reinventing the box


Command X is a live design competition that takes place during the AIGA Design Conference. I had the honor to compete head to head with 6 other designers. An all-star team of judges (Dana Arnett, Stanley Hainsworth, and Bonnie Siegler) and people vote one new design project each day, eliminating designers until the last one standing!

I didn't make it to the final round but for the second assignment, we had to rethink the Zappos delivery box to something that resembled better the culture of the company.

 What if you had a really fun, quirky box, that was so bright an colorful that you see it before any other box on your mail. You don't even need to look at the label because you ar already excited, because you know its a Zappos box. A box that comes in different color combinations, has tons of stickers and fully represents why people love this company so much

But wait, there is more!

Inside that box, there is another box that is equally colorful, equally as cool, with a little surprise. almost like a fortune cookie. Catchy quotes like: you are going to love me, carrying something special, u and i are great together… just a little hint of quirkiness! Is so fucking awesome, that you would keep it for ever and ever!! All sizes are as colorful and stickers are just one concept. by commissioning artist, the zappos box is not just a box, its a piece of art you would want to keep. Two examples, inspired by art work currently in Vegas: James Turrel at the Loui Vuitton store and 7 Magic Mountains by artist Ugo Rondinone.


las vegas 2016