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AIGA Cased 2015 Finalist 


Published on April 15th 2015, At The ALTar is a twelve page 11x22 inch newsprint insert within the New York Post bridal section: Alexa.  At The Altar, is Refinery29’s guide to New York Weddings. Its the anti-bride guide that celebrates independent woman and encourages brides to be themselves. Our goal was to move away from traditional bridal content, avoiding all sorts of floral motifs and princess dresses and filling the need to have something different on this market. For inspiration, we conceptualized the union between two people when they get married into all aspects of the design. From the use of typography, the different color elements coming together on each section, to the original photoshoot and market content. Even the styling, this alt-bridal ensembles guaranteed to be modern and memorable.  Our audience is the alternative bride. On this of all days, the personal style of every single woman should shine through — just like it does when you wear your favorite jeans, interview outfit, or let’s-get-to-it party look.

Piera Gelardi, Creative Director; Michael Ciancio, Design Director; Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Designer; Juco, Photographer.


New York 2015

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