#The100dayProject has been on my mind for a while. I followed the @greatdiscontent journey last year and countless other accounts on @instagram of people committing to#100daysofmaking. Although it was first started by #MichaelBierut at #YaleSchoolOfArt, we've all seen #100daysofhapiness#100daysoftype, and even @jessicavwalsh and @timothygoodman dated for 40 days on #40daysofdating!! I've (unsuccessfully) done #friday_typography. And always tag my travel photos with#thenomadinsideme. But this time I'm committing to a real challenge.

About a year ago, surrounded by really amazing illustrators at @refinery29, I told my boss I didn't think it was my thing. Some people design, some people illustrate and that is OK. Months later, I asked to do some of the illustrations. I started small at first, but it has slowly become part of my every day. It still feels secondary but I’m proud of the evolution.

So… here is the beginning of#99daysofillustration!! (99 not 100 because it fits better on instagram!) 99 days of consistently illustrating a new style. I’m calling it, Alter Ego, pronounced [awl-ter ee-goh, eg-oh]. Because, of two reasons: One, I find very interesting that some illustrators (@olimpiazagnoli@saraandreasson) draw themselves in their work and I, sometimes, see an aspirational or alternative version of myself in mines; and two, I want to explore the theme of ambiguity and sexual fluidity with illustrations that are not strictly male or female but that they have a little bit of both. 


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New York 2016