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29Rooms is Refinery29's annual funhouse of style, culture and creativity. Created by global visionaries, powered by the people.

First launched in 2015, 29Rooms is where you can experience Refinery 29's imaginative spirit IRL.  The exhibition is comprised of 29 unique spaces that showcase a range of creative disciplines, from poetry to painting to responsive technology. Throughout the space, we collaborate with a broad range of artists, talent, and brands to create an inclusive, interactive, and highly visual space meant to unlock visitors’ imaginations, spark dialog, and fuel self expression.

2017 theme Turn It Into Art, kicked off in September 2017, bigger than ever before. And has since toured Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Turn It Into Art is a place you can come create, play, and explore our multi-sensory playground, where we celebrate the transformative power of creativity. Where our audience can make their way through individually curated rooms that are packed with magic and brimming with inspiration.

For the first time ever, this year we also released seventeen pieces of exclusive merchandise including tees, sweatshirts, totes, hats and stationary. 


Crop-29ROOMSMERCH_4401_R copy.jpg
01-s_45A1543_R copy.jpg
_45A2823_R copy.jpg
02-s-29ROOMSMERCH_5185_R copy.jpg
03-s-29Rooms_FLATMERCH_-044_R copy.jpg
01-s-29ROOMSMERCH_6361_R copy.jpg
01-s-29ROOMSMERCH_5605_R copy.jpg
01-s-29ROOMSMERCH_6364_R copy.jpg
_45A1490_R copy.jpg
ss-29ROOMSMERCH_4804_R copy.jpg
02-s_45A2334_R copy.jpg
s-29Rooms_FLATMERCH_-193_R copy.jpg
01-s-29ROOMSMERCH_5945_R copy.jpg
02-s_45A1592_R copy.jpg
01-s-29ROOMSMERCH_5388 copy.jpg
03-s-29ROOMSMERCH_4651_R copy.jpg
01-s-29ROOMS_MERCH_4586-1 copy.jpg
01-s-29ROOMSMERCH_6369_R copy.jpg
02-s-29ROOMSMERCH_5946_R copy.jpg
crop_45A1981_R_R copy.jpg
s-858A3782_R copy.jpg
s-29ROOMS_MERCH_5006_R copy.jpg
sized-STICKERS_E1A4601 copy.jpg
_45A2066_R2 copy.jpg
s-858A3894_R copy.jpg
crop_45A2688_R copy.jpg
s-29Rooms_FLATMERCH_-255_R copy.jpg
s-858A3838_R copy.jpg
new-29ROOMSMERCH_5496_R2 copy.jpg
s-29Rooms_FLATMERCH_-382_R copy.jpg

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PHOTO - rockie nolan

creative direction - piera gelardi

ART DIRECTION & DESIGN - Isabel Castillo Guijarro

models - Alyssa Costarelli, channing hardgrove, courtney yates, crystal anderson, joel nunez, joelle cartier, landon peoples, laura delarato, lucie fink, mi anne chan, michelle li, milana baker, nicolas bloise, paola delucca, piera gelardi, ryen williams, vero romero.

STYLED - michelle li



new york 2017